Cinnamon Wild Yala - Yala
Calling all wild life enthusiasts with a penchant for the finer things in life. Enjoy 4 star luxury, staying at the very hem of Yala National Park – where the highest number of leopards in Asia roam free. Recently redesigned and refashioned in the style of a world class game lodge, Cinnamon Wild is a delightful potpourri of rustic exteriors and luxurious interiors. Cuisine at the main restaurant, which has a stunning view of the expansive pool and thick jungle beyond, is a culmination of Eastern and Western cuisine. Of the two bars the observation deck bar with its 360 degree view of the forest and the Indian ocean is a hot favourite with its stunning unbroken view of the ocean and the thick wild scrub.

Choose from either the beach chalets or the jungle chalets. Located deep in the scrub to give ample privacy, and the sense of being one with nature, the deceptively rustic looking chalets are spacious and tastefully equipped with all creature comforts. The almost 360 degree view only enhances the possibility of you spotting a leopard or two sunbathing on the rocks. This is where you go to be one in spirit with the wild things.
Room Category Description…

Jungle Chalets
The Jungle Cabanas are located further inland where many an elephant walks by daily. The Cabanas have a rustic look that blends well with the leafy surroundings.

Beach Chalets
The Beach Bungalows face the Indian Ocean and you may be able to feel the salt spray every so often. These are sure to enchant those who love the sea.

Suite Julian
Suite Julian is the epitome of luxury and is located high above the ground giving the discerning guests a panoramic view of the surrounding vegetation, vistas of the sea and rocky outcrops where leopards are spotted frequently.