Amaya Lake - Dambulla
A lush green valley dotted with majestic old trees, a serene lake fringed by green banks that melt into to great big mountains in the distance, squirrels and birds singing songs of praise to the warm happy sun, a soft gentle breeze caressing your hair...this is peace, this is beauty. Amaya Lake, a tropical haven on the banks of the Kandalama Lake is home to 120 guests rooms and suites designed to blend in seamlessly with the natural beauty of its surroundings. The large and airy living spaces, all dressed up in rich earthy hues, are warmly welcoming and homely. The teak wood floors lead up to terraces of balconies that open upto to the lovely sights that surround. A large screen TV, cable with your favourite movie, a sofa to snuggle in with your favourite book, are some of the reasons you would be tempted to just laze it out in your room.

The ayurvedic spa located in a open courtyard tempts you to pamper your weary body with exotic wellness treatments. Whether it’s a walk down the chapters of history, an exploration of traditional local life or an exciting trek into the a jungle or a peaceful barge ride upriver there is plenty to do and discover in and around this private paradise. Visit the local village in a bullock cart and taste the typical fare served in lotus leaves, or feel all regal and royal, astride a elephant that sways through the thickets of trees, take a long hike exploring the lush country side, or visit the ancient lands of kings which still proudly display remnants of past glory.

A selection of mouthwatering preparations will challenge your waistline as the chefs of Amaya serve up feasts fit for royalty. International favourites, ingeniously fused with local produce and spices will take you on a ride of gastronomical delight. But not to be missed is the lavish spread of curries fabulously spiced and flavoured, served with piping hot rice. For the romantics there are plenty of lovely dining options available, be it by the lake, by the pool, in the garden or in the privacy of your own living space.

Amaya will thrill you, delight you and give you reasons to keep coming back.
Set on 12 hectares bordering Kandalama Lake, paths wind through the natural forested grounds, with 92 Sri Lankan villas scattered amongst the trees. A terrace fronts each villa, with a traditional long seat built into the patio. Enjoy the view as you sit next to a tree-trunk column supporting the red-tiled roof.

A full-size image of King Kasyapa in the region’s local painting style, graces the door. Inside, find more examples of local artistry, wall sculptures and murals. A sofa with comfortable cushions allows you to relax in the sitting area, while steps lead to a slightly raised bedroom area and a spacious bathroom.

Two-and four-unit chalets (double and quadruple villas connected through a common passageway with separate entrances) are available for families and interested groups.

Club Lodges
Four adjoining villas accommodate guests seeking a luxurious space of their own. Spacious. High wooden ceilings. Contemporary décor, with architecture inspired by the local area, and furnishings in elegant dark wood paneling. Plasma screen televisions for modern luxury.Village Experience

Warichchi Village/Eco Village
The culture of central Sri Lanka. A village lifestyle for guests who seek an experience found nowhere else. Eleven traditional-style dwellings face a central pond. Like an authentic village, houses face inwards towards each other, expressing the notion that inner appearance and ties within the village are more important than the outside world. Nearby, the Ayurvedic Spa and Wewe Kade Ayurvedic restaurant complement the indigenous experience. Each house is unique in design and possesses its own name, for example, Kalundewa Gedera – House at the Water Tank of the Village of Black Bamboo.